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What a great February!!!  Not only did Tony Bennett eat at Cibo....


Jean Le Boeuf ate at Cibo and placed our restaurant on his top list of restaurants in Fort Myers.

Thank you everyone!…/best-fort-myers-res…/372973002/



On a Tuesday in August or a Saturday night in March, Cibo will be busy. It's tables will be packed with regulars who ask their servers about their grandchildren and their recent trip to Montauk (and vice versa). Its plates will be home to house-made ravioli and choice cuts of meat seared till juicy and tender. Its glasses will be filled with bracing martinis and wines from a thoughtfully curated list. Chef Sean Deckter will be in the kitchen (as he always has been) and owner Craig Komatz will be milling about ensuring things flow smoothly. No matter the day, that's just how things will be at the almost 15-year-old Cibo. And diners will continue to eat it up. 



What Tony Bennett ate when he recently visited Fort Myers




Beautiful article in the taste section.

What a nice Valentine's day gift to our well deserving Chef Sean Deckter and Cibo family…/cibo-fort-myers-res…/327243002/

Cibo is one of the oldest tenants in the now-restaurant-rich Bridge Plaza, and it's lasted this long for a reason.




Regarding Email Reservations

Currently we are not accepting any email reservations.  To make a reservation please call:

(239) 454-3700.

Prior to 3:00 PM, you will need to leave a voice mail.  Your call will be returned in the order it was received,  when our management arrives at 3:00 PM.

Sorry if this is an inconvience, however we have encountered several issues regarding email reservations.

Sincere Regards,

Craig Komatz

Craig Komatz